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BRYT Program

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This pilot program has had great results at Glenwood Junior High since it was launched in Boardman in the Fall of 2021.  The Massachusetts-based program stands for Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition.  BRYT helps students who are struggling with mental health, addiction or family trauma that is jeopardizing their ability to remain in school successfully. 

BRYT is used by 250 schools in eight states, and Glenwood's program is the first in Ohio. a grant helped to launch BRYT in Boardman, and The Mahoning County Mental Health Board is now continuing to support it.

 A full time clinical counselor and an academic instructor work together to help students who otherwise may not have remained in school, to transition back into the classroom successfully.

Bryt Program Coordinator

Bryt Program Coordinator Greg McAtee


Bryt Program Clinical Coordinator

Bryt Program Clinical Coordinator Carlo DeAscentis